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In a 30-lapper for the Standard Welding Pro Sixes, Landon Florian moved out front on the second circuit and rolled to his first win in the division.
Florian was fastest in qualifying and spun a “2” on the inversion wheel, meaning that he and Nelson Moody would swap places on the front row. Steve Williams, Bobby Hall and J.B. Sipe were third through fifth in the lineup.
As the race began, Moody grabbed the lead from Florian off Turn 2. Florian dropped into second, followed by Williams, Hall and Sipe.
On lap 2, Florian drove under Moody at the end of the backstretch and finished off the pass as they exited Turn 4. Williams snagged second place on lap 3, while Hall took third on lap 4.
By lap 11, Florian, Williams and Hall had put nearly a full straightaway between themselves and Moody, who was tussling with Sipe for fourth.
The first caution flag was displayed on lap 17 for debris on the frontstretch. Lining up for the restart, Hall, Moody and Casey Sipe chose the top side.
Back under green, Williams failed to come up to speed immediately, creating a logjam on the inside and allowing Hall, Moody and Casey Sipe to take over second, third and fourth.
As they reached Turn 4, however, Hall and Moody got together and Moody spun, collecting Sipe and prompting another yellow flag. The incident chased Moody and Casey Sipe to the sidelines. Gathering for a restart, Florian and Williams were 1-2 with J.B. Sipe and Hall to their outside.
Returning to green, Florian and Sipe emerged in the top two spots, while Williams nosed ahead of Hall for third. Three laps later, Williams muscled his way past Sipe for second. Hall tagged along with Williams and moved into third. The shuffle allowed Florian to pad his lead to half a straightaway.
Caution #3 waved on lap 23 when Debbie Biesecker and Pat Ritchie tangled in Turn 2 and Ritchie spun. He headed to the pits and the field was whittled to six.
On the restart, Hall, in the outside lane, swiped second from Williams, who fell in line ahead of fourth-place J.B. Sipe.
The final caution flag flew on lap 26 when J.B. Sipe spun in Turn 4 and collected Ben Zoellner. As Sipe and Zoellner retreated to the pits, only Florian, Hall, Williams and Biesecker remained on the track.
On the final restart, Florian easily outdistanced his potential challengers as Hall and Williams scuffled for second.
At the checkers, Florian ws the winner by 1.082 seconds — about four lengths — over Hall. Williams was third, followed by Biesecker. J.B. Sipe was credited with fifth.
In the division standings, Williams saw his lead over Hall shrink from four to three, 146-143. Florian is third, five out of first place.



Casey Sipe notched his third win of the season in a 30-lapper for the Standard Welding Pro Sixes, leading all the way from the pole.
Sipe qualified at 80.484 mph to nab the prime starting spot and he grabbed the lead as the field took the green flag. Steve Williams emerged in second, followed by Bobby Hall, J.B. Sipe and Landon Florian. Within the first five laps, the top five had opened a straightaway lead on the rest of the field.
As the laps clicked by, J.B. Sipe and Florian gradually began to lose touch with the top three, falling nearly half a straightaway behind.
At the front, Casey Sipe was on a rail, up by five lengths over Williams. Just past halfway, though, he was briefly stymied by slower traffic and Williams closed in. Breaking free, Sipe immediately pulled away again.
The only caution flag appeared on lap 19 when Florian tried to use a lapped machine to pick off J.B. Sipe for fourth. Instead, all three tangled and spun into Turn 1.
For the ensuing restart, Hall headed to the outside lane, joined by J.B. Sipe and Florian.
Back under green, Casey Sipe easily disposed of his prospective challengers. Williams tagged along with the leader, leaving Hall, Nelson Moody, J.B. Sipe and Florian in a jumble. Florian came out on top of that tussle, passing all three cars between Turn 4 on lap 21 and Turn 1 on lap 22.
At the front, Casey Sipe successfully held Williams at arm’s length over the closing circuits and won by 0.777-second — about four lengths. Florian was third, followed by Hall and Moody.


Casey Sipe started on the pole, at 81.081 mph, and sailed to his second win of the season in the 30-lap Standard Welding Pro Six race, leading flag-to-flag.
Landon Florian shared the front row with Sipe and held down the runner-up spot throughout the contest. After falling nearly half a straightaway behind in the first 10 circuits, he began to nibble away at Sipe’s lead.
At lap 27, with the leader in traffic, Florian pulled to within three car-lengths. Sipe broke free of the slower machines, though, and rolled on to the win.
At the checkers, Sipe was the winner by 1.005 seconds — about five lengths — over Florian. Steve Williams was third, while Bobby Hall and J.B. Sipe rounded out the top five.


Williams holds off hard charging Florian, Sipes, and Hall for 1st win of season  (5/26)

Steve Williams took the lead on lap 5 and showed the way to his first win of the year in a 30-lapper for the Standard Welding Pro Sixes.
The race got off to a rocky start with two caution flags before the first lap was officially recorded. Anthony Perez brought out the first yellow flag when his car made a beeline for the outside wall in Turn 1. The second appeared when David Butler, J.B. Sipe and Neil Sipe tangled on the backstretch.
The third try at a start proved to be the charm and Casey Sipe, who claimed the pole, at 80.782 mph, grabbed the early lead. Williams grabbed the second spot and fell in line on the leader's bumper.
On lap 4, Williams slipped underneath Casey Sipe in Turn 2. Sipe maintained a slight edge at the end of the lap, but gave way to Williams on lap 5. Bobby Hall tagged along with Williams and took over second place, while Sipe dropped to third.
Deeper in the field, rookie Landon Florian snagged fourth from Nelson Moody and began to close in on the top three. Catching up to the lead trio, he bypassed Sipe for third on lap 14, then swiped second from Hall on lap 17.
Florian's run to the front hit a detour on lap 18 when he looped his machine in Turn 3 to bring out the third caution flag. He took advantage of the outside lane on the ensuing restart, however, and quickly returned to the top five.
The last of the race's four caution flags waved on lap 23 when Pat Ritchie spun in Turn 2. As the field gathered for the restart, Williams, J.B. Sipe, Hall, Casey Sipe and Florian made up the top five.
The Sipes opted for the outside lane as the field prepared for a green flag. The choice didn't pay off, though, as Williams led the inside lane in a breakaway.
On lap 28, second-place Hall drifted wide in Turn 2 and gave way to Florian and the Sipes, tumbling to fifth.
At the finish, Williams was the winner by 0.708-second -- about five lengths -- over Florian. J.B. Sipe was third, followed by Casey Sipe and Hall

Casey Sipe Takes the Lead on Final Restart and Rolls to Victory


Casey Sipe took advantage of Landon Florian’s late-race misfortune and posted a win in the 30-lap Standard Welding Pro Six race.
Steve Williams posted the fastest lap in time trials, at 80.539 mph. Following an inversion, though, he started fifth, while David Butler moved to the pole.
As the green flag dropped, Butler’s front-row mate, Bobby Hall, bolted into the lead. Anthony Perez emerged in second, followed by Florian, Williams and Butler. Sipe, who started eighth, took over sixth.
With Hall showing the way, Florian hounded Perez for the runner-up spot. He captured the position on lap 19 and brought Sipe with him, to third.
Only two lengths down to the leader, Florian quickly gobbled up the ground and snagged the top spot on lap 21, passing Hall on the backstretch. Again, Sipe was right in his tire tracks, passing Hall for second off Turn 4.
The first caution flag waved on lap 24 when Perez and Williams spun in Turn 4. Lining up for the restart, third-place Hall opted for the outside lane, hoping to retake the lead.
Back under green, Florian and Sipe made short work of Hall, who also surrendered the third spot to Nelson Moody before finding a place in line.
The second, and final, caution flag appeared on lap 28 when Matt Mullins spun in Turn 4, setting the stage for a three-lap sprint to the finish.
On the last restart, Florian appeared to miss a shift and failed to come up to speed immediately. As he tumbled down the running order, Sipe seized the opportunity and motored away from the pack.
At the checkers, Sipe was the winner by 1.009 seconds — about four lengths — over Moody. Hall was third to the stripe, while Williams and J.B. Sipe completed the top five. Florian, who looked poised to pick up a win in only his second Pro Six start, ended up eighth in the final rundown.


Bobby Hall posted the win in the 30-lap Standard Welding Pro Six feature. He took the lead on a restart, just past the halfway mark, and rolled to the victory.
Steve Williams was the pole-sitter for the event and set the pace for the first 16 laps. Meanwhile, Anthony Perez held down the runner-up spot, a couple car-lengths behind.
The first caution flag appeared on lap 12 when Nelson Moody tried... to wrest second from Perez, but ended up spinning in the middle of Turns 1 and 2.
On the restart, Hall gave up the third spot to launch alongside Williams. The move didn't pay off, though, as Williams and Perez quickly dispensed with him, sending him back to third.
On lap 17, Moody was on the move again, bypassing Hall for the third spot on the backstretch. He spun in Turn 4, however, bringing out the second caution flag and earning himself a trip to the back of the pack.
Bunching for the green flag, Hall again chose the outside lane. This time, the gamble paid dividends as he nosed ahead of Williams to take the lead for the first time. He cleared Williams off Turn 2 on lap 18 and set sail, eventually extending his winning margin to five lengths.
Perez was second, swiping the spot from Williams on lap 27. Williams was third, followed by Moody. Landon Florian, the 2011 UCAR champ, was fifth in his Pro Six debut.